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Spintec Outdoor Outreach Activities (December 26-27, 2020) (2020-12-26)

On December 26-27, 2020, Spintec Group Shenzhen Company and Zhaoqing Company jointly organized a two-day and one-night outdoor development activity.

The coordinates of this event are located in Conghua, Guangzhou, and it is composed of an all-day expansion on the first day and a picnic farmhouse on the next day.

The main purpose of the activity is to enhance team cohesion through this outdoor team building; by completing specific work tasks, the team can reasonably divide labor, communicate and cooperate with each other, and strive for a common goal; to provide opportunities for face-to-face communication between colleagues from both companies in Shenzhen and Zhaoqing Familiarity with each other; also for the whole year of 2020 to face the pressure of the epidemic, we will do a relief for everyone.

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